a new
frozen treat experience

enjoying all your favorite frozen treats just got upgraded. chill works is a concept like no other. we invite you to come and experience the difference for yourself. we take chill to a whole new level. so, please come and level up your chill.

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we believe in
consistency & creativity

chill works is a passion project and family-run enterprise. we envisioned our store as a place that brings six different frozen treats together in a single location and creates an atmosphere for you to properly enjoy them with friends and family. come explore what we have to offer.

ice cream

the traditional frozen dairy treat in the united states. perfect as soft serve or in scoops. great on a cone or in a bowl.


also known as “italian ice cream.” it has a rich flavor profile, silky smooth texture and less fat than ice cream. gelato is made with less air whipped into it. the result is a dense and creamy delight. available in coconut vegan options.


dairy free, and primarily fruit-based flavors. crisp and refreshing with a palate cleansing affect. pairs well with any of the dairy based frozen treats for a complementary contrast of flavors.

frozen yogurt

a fermented, probiotic-packed dairy treat. delicious and satisfying with less sugar (lactose) and fat than ice cream.

frozen custard

a thicker and creamier close relative to traditional ice cream. a sticky sweet texture that lingers on the tongue. made with milk, cream, egg yolk and sugar.


either dairy or fruit-based options, frozen into a form by molds. conveniently served on an easy to hold wooden stick. great for adults and children alike!

our flavors

chill works has a rotating menu with a wide variety of flavors including the ever popular favorites of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, as well as more adventurous seasonal and holiday selections. check back regularly to see what flavors we have for you to enjoy.

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